• Where the heck is the next Dots story?! This, and what really happened to Starbuck after her ship exploded (angel? really?) are among the major mysteries of our times. The truth is I seem to have forgotten how this whole “writing fiction” thing works. If my muse ever returns, I’ll be as thrilled as the people who keep writing me, asking for more.
  • But seriously, folks…. I would love to tell you I’ll finish one day. I can’t promise I can or will. I do promise to keep opening up the next story and seeing if words come out of my fingers.
  • The good news, if there is any: my stories were saved from virtual oblivion by a kind stranger who gave them a safe new home on his site. Okay, he’s not a stranger, he’s my boyfriend, Ted, and he is the brain behind Federal Productions. He rescued me when AT&T got out of the website business and he not only gave me space here on his site, he is redesigning my pages to look like they were created in this millenia. Yay!
  • My most recent story is the first major installment of the sequel toBe Careful What You Wish For“! It’s called “There But For the Grace of God,” and I decided to go ahead and post the first chunk even though it may never be finished. WARNING: this is a story in progress (though this segment is complete) and therefore offers no closure in its existing state–in fact, it ends with a pretty giant cliffhanger. Also, since it is in progress, I’m not soliciting feedback at this point, and it may be a good long while before the next section is posted. You have been warned!
  • So what am I watching now? I’m officially a Browncoat, and fell in love with the short-lived-but-amazing series Firefly. Created by Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame, Firefly was an amazing mix of science fiction and western, with incredible character development and some of the best writing I have ever seen for television. Plus, there is a relationship between a tough-as-nails woman named Torres and a wacky blond pilot who wears Hawaiian shirts–so how can you resist?!? The whole series is only 14 hours, so check it out! I’m also mad about  a whole series of now-defunct shows: BSG, LOST, Pushing Daisies. Of what continues to air, Chuck and Fringe are my must-see TV. Oh! And welcome back, Futurama!
  • One last rambling personal note: I’ve gotten some wonderful, supportive emails from a lot of you encouraging me to continue writing, which I assure you I would love to do. And I now have some new inspiration and support that makes me seriously consider giving it another shot. So keep dropping by–or sign up for the RSS feed. And thanks for being so understanding.


  1. Hi Barbara! Just wanted you to know I just re-read both Be Careful and the sequel and still love them! I’m eagerly awaiting the rest of the sequel.

  2. Victoria says:

    Hi Barbara!

    I just reread the Dots series and googled you to see if I could find out any more, and found this site! If your muse ever comes back to inspire more Dots, I will be here waiting eagerly… “Real Life” was on rerun the other night, and I kept wishing I had a Dots to accompany it.

    Love all your work! 🙂

  3. Jenn says:

    Just reread the Dots — again 😀 — and wanted to add my voice to the chorus of encouragement. At least get us up through Revulsion! 😉

  4. Alex says:

    I don’t really mean this comment as impetus for you to write more — although of course I would be crazy pleased if you did — I know this is a ten-year-old story for the deadish fandom of an even older show. I just wanted you to know how much the Dots series has meant to me. I think I was twelve or thirteen the first time I read it (don’t worry, I was the kind of kid who skipped past the racier bits). I’m twenty-three now and I have come back to it so many times — I even read it to my younger sister once when we were both teens. I loved canon P/T (so much), and I love how this story masterfully complements the canon and fleshes them out. The characterization is perfect, and you do such a good job of creating an emotional depth to the relationship that canon only hinted at. You don’t know how wonderful it is to have this to reread when I get that I-miss-Tom-and-B’Elanna itch every two years or so. Thank you so much for writing it.

  5. Melanie says:

    Just wanted to echo Alex above, I’ve been coming back to your Dots series for over a decade, and I love it. I can’t think of a series that nails the characterizations better than yours. So well written, so believable! I hope that someday Dots will get written through Revulsion. 🙂

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