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Another songfic, but this one's sappy.  Told in five parts.
Rated G -- Posted October 2002.
A follow up--by request--to ‘With a Cherry On Top’.  Set the next morning, which puts it after Basics, but before the Chute.  Funny how it just sort of leads right into the Swarm.  Enjoy.
Rated PG13 -- Posted October 2002.
Takes place just after ‘Drive’, but answers an old question--what's in the box? 
Rated PG13 -- Posted October 2002.
Synopsis: My reply to "The Q and The Gray"  A little bit of fun, 'nuf said. 
Rated G (Who'd have thought?) -- Posted October 2002
Any P/Ter will figure out when this takes place.  It's based on a song --yes!  I'm shocked too -- THIS IS A BACKSTREET BOYS FREE ZONE! 
Rated PG-13 -- Posted July 2002.
It's not my fault!  I swear it's not my fault!  I'm possessed by FM radio! Another songfic.  Somebody stop me!
Rated PG-13 -- Posted July 2002.
An advice filled monologue -- someone reflects on their childhood.
Rated PG-13 -- Posted April 2002.
A sextuple drabble -- 600 words.  (For you doubting-Thomases using the word count feature, remember to only count the words in the actual story!)  Do enjoy...
Rated PG -- Posted April 2002.
A little story that takes place a week or so after the events in ‘Lineage’, which puts it before ‘Prophecy’.  B’Elanna is thwarted and someone comes to Tom’s rescue. 
Rated PG-13 -- Posted February 2002.
A series of award-winning Voyager haikus inspired by Anne Rose’s annual haiku contest.
Rated PG -- Posted February 2002.
A double drabble – 200 words.  Ayala answers a nagging question.  Takes place after ‘Friendship One’.
Rated PG -- Posted October 2001.
Missing scenes from ‘Night’ to ‘Extreme Risk’ and beyond. I wanted to explore what was in B’Elanna’s head during those weeks, and Tom's seeming lack of reaction to B’Elanna’s depression over the death of her Maquis family. 
Rating: R for sexual situation and  language
A ‘Blood Fever’ coda, in drabble form. Part of a Circle One Collective challenge to use twelve of the most clichéd words in NC-17 fiction in a G-rated drabble. 
Rated: PG-13 by the prudish Canadian author. [The story is G rated; the list of words is PG-13.]
Set shortly after ‘Faces’, so there will be spoilers.  I’ll go with the fact stated in that episode that B’Elanna’s father left her when she was five, ‘Lineage’ notwithstanding.  Three officers share three wishes. 
Rated G.
This story takes place about a week after ‘Threshold.’  Tom and Harry go on a ‘little away mission’ to repay a kindness and surprise a friend. 
Rated PG.
A ‘Workforce’ coda. Not every crew member was happy to be returned to Voyager.  Sometimes in life, we prefer the lie.  Spoilers for ‘Workforce,’ ‘Learning Curve,’ and ‘Lineage’ (sort of). 
Rated R.
A coda to ‘Nightingale.’  I just had to address B’Elanna’s immortal statement. For all those kind people who emailed me about Tom’s hat, it’s back. 
Rated PG-13
Missing scene from ‘Shattered’. Tom makes up for lost time. He and B’Elanna never met in the Maquis. Short and sweet. 
Rated PG-13
This is a coda to ‘Body and Soul’, inspired by a short conversation between Tom and Tuvok. Contains spoilers for ‘Blood Fever’, ‘Displaced’, ‘Investigations’ and ‘Faces’, if you haven’t seen them, you won’t understand the story. 
Rated PG-13
Tom does it again and attempts to apologize with chocolate. This is an origin story for B’Elanna’s (fan fiction) obsession with chocolate set sometime before ‘The Chute,’ i.e.: Tom and B’Elanna are just friends. 
Rated PG-13
A follow up, of sorts, to my story, ‘He Wore a Pair of Silver Wings.’  At the end, Tom had invited B’Elanna to share a friendly game of pool with him and this is how it turns out.  Spoilers for ‘Displaced’, ‘Real Life’ and others too, most likely.  Why should Seven and the doctor have all the fun?
Rated PG
Takes place after ‘Blood Fever,’ but before Tom and B’Elanna are a couple.  Minor spoilers for ‘Blood Fever’ and ‘Faces.’  Blink, and you’ll miss them.  Tom is having a birthday and B’Elanna gives him a present. 
Rated PG
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