Our Collective

Briar Rose

Self-appointed Queen of P/T “Fluff,” Briar Rose (a.k.a. Three of Five) actually writes great comedy, the occasional steamy romance, and some wonderful angsty stories, too. Recommended reading:
* Covert Maneuvers
* The Words that Remain Unspoken





LA Koehler

A.k.a. First of Five, LA is primarily a J/Cer, though she writes great P/T, too! LA is also a big fan of the Lower Decks characters including Joe Carey and Mike Ayala. Recommended reading:
* Three Days & a Pizza (offline)
* High Noon Too Soon (offline)






Our little Klingon, Liz (a.k.a. Two of Five), is gorgeous, athletic–and single–and waiting for her own Tom Paris to come sweep her off her feet. Do you love P/T angst with a dry sense of humor? You’ll love Liz. Recommended reading:
* Fault Lines (offline)
* In The Mists of Khitomer (offline)




Barbara Watson

A total sucker for “The Mushy Stuff,” Barbara (Four of Five) writes the longest stories of anyone in the group. Have a few years to waste? Check out her Voyager novel & “Connect the P/T Dots” series. Recommended (shorter) reading:
* Fangame
* Now and Then






The newest member of our Collective, Birca (Five of Five) writes P/T with an attitude–and the heat turned way up. Note to the kiddies: Birca’s bedtime stories are strictly for adults only. KEEP OUT! Recommended reading:
* Chutes and Ladders







“Workforce” Codas

  • By Briar Rose: Stronger than Justice – Not every crew member was happy to be returned to Voyager. Sometimes, we prefer the lie.
  • By Barbara Watson: Memories – Some people lost more than their memories on Quarra. B’Elanna helps Tom remember who he is and, in the process, gives him back something they both lost.

Drabble Challenge #1

The Challenge: Write a “G” Rated Drabble using the twelve most cliched words in NC-17 fanfiction.

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