Drabbles – Grease Monkey


G — believe it or not! [Though one of our Collective has determined that the list itself is rated PG-13…]


Part of a Circle One Collective challenge to use the words to the left (all NC-17 classic clichés) in a G-rated drabble. (A drabble, as I understand it, is a story with exactly 100 words, yes?)


The Circle One Collective: LA Koehler, Liz the Whiz, Briar Rose, and Samzmom. Amazingly enough, we all wrote these little bits of heaven in one afternoon. And, let me just say that this proves I CAN write a short story…


channel, heaving, juices, maleness, member, mounds, muskiness, nectar, plunging, sheath, throbbing, and an optional word, added at the suggestion of Briar Rose, shaft.

They’d been working at it all afternoon, but the throbbing in the drive shaft wouldn’t stop. Tom was sweaty; his muskiness suggested he needed a shower.

“B’Elanna, hand me the channel-locks.”

Tom and his stupid cars. What, was she a member of his pit crew? Was it his maleness that made him think grease from a 57 Chevy was nectar of the gods? Or was heaving a new engine into the stupid thing what he needed to get his juices flowing?

She climbed on the mounds of spare parts, plunging the dipstick into its sheath. Tom and his stupid cars!

the end


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