Voyager Favorites

Terminology Primer

For newbies, I provide the following incomplete list of codes and terms you’re likely to see in Voyager fic and web travels:

Alpha Quadrant – The part of the galaxy that includes Earth and most of Federation space
Alternate Universe – Meaning the story diverts from the facts as established on the series
Facts as established in the episodes themselves
Details about the show that have been used so often in fan fiction that they feel like canon even though they’re not
Paris/Torres – Fiction featuring the romantic story line pairing Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres (similarly J/C = Janeway/Chakotay, etc.)
“Discuss the Relationship” – Tom’s favorite place to DTR used to be the turbolift. Lately, it’s the Delta Flyer.
A story based on a scene you’re just SURE they meant to include in an episode but somehow overlooked.
A story or article that divulges the plot of one or more Voyager episodes
“Plot? What Plot?” – Stories that are just a thinly-veiled excuse for putting the characters in intimate/romantic situations. I don’t write these stories, but some do.
“The Powers That Be” – Usually means Star Trek’s producers and writers, though can mean the higher-ups at Paramount or UPN [Also deemed TIIC, or “The Idiots In Charge” by one friend…]

2 Responses to “Voyager Favorites”

  1. Sabine says:

    Was just looking to re-read a P/T dot story (I’m too tired to write) and came across your new website. Looking fab! 🙂

    Oh, and if you’d like to see how my writing has progressed (or not) since we exchanged e-mails about a year ago, check them out under the pen name “alpha flyer” on (i’m too much of a luddite to have my own site). Feedback always gratefully appreciated …

    Cheers from a fellow ST:VOY nerd,


  2. Sally Shakespeare says:

    Dear Barbara, very new to fanfic. Have been re-watching Voyager on tape, and re-reading books. Desperate for something new, accidentally found fanfiction while looking up Chez Sandrine’s last week. Great to know I’m not alone in wanting more. Have been thinking about stories for years and now see where I could put them.

    Many Thanks

    PS Love your stories – Sabine/Alpha Flyer
    (Fellow Luddite)

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