Star Trek:Voyager Stories by Briar Rose
Award-Winning Voyager Haikus by Briar Rose

Author: Briar Rose

Rating: [PG?]

Summary: A series of haikus inspired by Anne Rose's annual contest. (Winning haikus are indicated by their awards.)

Disclaimer: Do you need a disclaimer on haikus...? Nah: poetic license!  :D

Category: "Other Couples" (not J/C)

I want My Pip

It's not fair, Jenny.
I do my job – died five times.
Mama likes Tom best.



Warm sea breeze, soft sand.
The sun hot on naked skin.
"Flyboy, oil my back."

Mary Sue:

Neelix's New Love

"So beautiful, smart…
Mary, you're a lifesaver!"
"Yeah, and I cook too."


One Soul

I would breathe her in 
if I could; make our joining
more than flesh.  One soul.


Captain, You're Toast! 

"Arachnia, stop!
I will thwart your evil plan!"
"Not this time, Proton!"


Tom's Second Command

I let them kill Durst;
take him away to butcher.
I'll keep Torres safe. 


Faces: Klingon or Human?

Now there's two of me.
Always wanted a sister…
I'm the pretty one!

Crew Conspiracy:

The Shuttle Trip (Day of Honour)

"Trust me, Joe  (Sev), we rig 
the test and eject the core;
they're stuck together!"


Day of Honour

Moklor! What an ass!
And Tom can shove his painsticks!
I've honour enough.

Post Ep:  (The Cloud – P/T)

She Thinks I'm a Pig

She called me a pig!
In front of Janeway…. wonder
if she likes bacon?

J/C Haikus:

Captain, We're Toast!

"Arachnia, help!
We must thwart his cunning plan."
"Just this once, Proton!"


Prixin: Celebration of Family

My father's mother's
brother's aunt, once removed…  Heck,
Chak, pour me some wine!


Shift Change

Tell her!  Tell her now! (Today, I'll tell her…)
"The bridge is yours, and my heart
if you want it."  "Yes."



His belly tightened
as liquid heat spread through him
in a rush of flame.

Mary Sue:

Lieutenant Kathryn Janeway

I'm smart.  I dance too. 
My hair flows in long red waves.
I should be captain.

Post Ep:

Betrayal (Prime Factors)

He did it for me?!
I should have ripped his pip off!
…we need to go home.

Crew Conspiracy:

Playing the Captain Like a Fiddle

If we teach Neelix
how to make coffee, we eat
real food not rations!


The Captain's Lady 

Guess I'm Maquis now…
Never thought I would look so
damn good in leather!


Wanna See My Medicine Bundle?

"The WORST pick-up line ever!"
"It worked, didn't it?"


Admiral Janeway

Too late to save Joe,
too late to stop Chakotay
falling for Seven.


The end.

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