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“Buying Time”

Author: Briar Rose

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Rating: PG-13

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Synopsis/Notes: Another songfic.  Somebody stop me!


How long is this lunch going to go on?  If I don't move now, I’m going to scream.  Run screaming!  I have got to get out of here before I hit something.  Someone.  

Breathe, B'Elanna.  Hah!  That's a odd choice of words…

He doesn't even seem to notice.  He's barely looked at me since we sat down.  He's just told story after story…him and Harry.  He's really putting on a show.  I never realized before how much they've tortured Tuvok.

I'm so tired.  Two nights of no sleep on top of almost dying will do that to a person, I guess.  I've been all through it though, and I think I did the right thing.  The honorable thing.  And I'm a better person because of it.  I couldn't die without telling him.  I couldn't let him die not knowing how I feel…

What was I thinking?  Admitting that I loved him?  Huh, I guess I was thinking that he would say the same thing back…  It would have been polite anyway.  Harry would have said it, like the  proper Starfleet officer he is.  Of course Tom is hardly that…I guess that's partly why I'm in love with him.  

I just got so tired of playing games.  It's been a constant push me-pull you right from the beginning, and I'm tired of denying how I feel.  Tired of denying it to myself.  It just takes too much energy to fight it every damn day.

But am I ready to get it out in the open?  He's not, obviously, or he would have said something to me by now.  Maybe he just needs more time.  To absorb it.  I'm not the easiest person to get along with, I know that!  And maybe he's afraid we'll get into another argument over…I dunno, anything!  


There's no rule that says we have to talk about it today.  Especially since everyone is here for Tuvok.  Maybe waiting another day is a good idea.  We'll both be back on regular duty tomorrow, I can meet him for lunch or something and we can talk about it then.

I'm not really ready to rush into a relationship anyway.  Well, I guess it wouldn't qualify as 'rush' exactly…  But I don’t need a man in my life.  Not like Jenny Delaney, she's always dating someone.  My mother taught me that: I don't need a man to make myself feel worthwhile.  I don't.  

And if we wait a bit to talk it over I can figure out a way to… to let him off the hook.  What the hell was I thinking?  Klingon honor, what bullshit!

"Just when he thought it was over, when he went back to his quarters and ordered a cup of Vulcan tea, the replicator says...

"Live long and prosper!"

Ha Hah!  That is so typically Tom.  Poor Tuvok, I think he's blushing.  The tips of his ears are turning a strange shade of bronze, hee hee…

"…I herby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander!"

"Here, here!"

Finally.  God!  Now Tom's staring at me.  Why doesn't he say something?  I've got to get out of here before he says something.  

"B'Elanna!  This is ridiculous.  It's been three days and we haven't said a word to each other."

"I know, I know… We have to talk…"

Buying Time
I stayed awake for hours again last night
searching for a reason to keep up the fight
I've made choices I don't regret
I've got problems I don't get

I didn't want to carry the heavier load
You can't always take the middle road
There comes a time when you make up your mind
And the point get left behind

Oh lets wait one more day for the conversation
One more day to make it right
Lets get away from the confrontation
One more day just buying time

For years and years you can drift alone
And write another verse to an endless song
Wait one more day till the time is right
Hoping that you both see the light

You won't see the light!


I'm not afraid to sleep alone
I'm not afraid to be alone

Stayed awake for hours again last night
Just searching for a reason to keep up the fight
I've made choices I don't regret
But I've got problems and problems and problems and problems..


From the album up, 1995 by Great Big Sea 1995 Ltd.  Written by McCann/Hallett


The End.

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