Star Trek:Voyager Stories by Briar Rose
“The Ideal Game”

Author: Briar Rose

Rating: PG
Date: April 2002

Note: A sextuple drabble -- 600 words.  (For you doubting-Thomases using the word count feature, remember to only count the words in the actual story!)  Do enjoy...


Skittt...  KLA~klackta~klak~ta~KLACK!



"Better luck next time."

Skittt... KLAK~Klakta~klak~kla~klak!

"Errrrrrgh!  This is a stupid game, Tom."


"It's not stupid!  It's a game of precision.  A game of skill."

Skittt... Klak~ta~klak!


"Yeah.  You have to assess the positions of the spheres in relation to the wands, figure out which ones are grounded and which ones will fall, extrapolate the direction the spheres will--"

Skittt...  KLA~Klackta~klak~klak!

"Apparently it's too much skill for you..."

"You shook the table.  That's cheating, B'Elanna."

"I did not!"

"Yes, you did.  With your elbow--"


"I don't have to cheat, Tom, I'm an engineer.  We know all about spatial relationships--"


"Uh huh.  Do tell..."


"Yes!  For instance, I know that the volume of the tube correlates to the--

Skittt...  KLA~klak~ta~Klak~klak!

"--taHqeq!  This is a stupid game!  If anyone is cheating, you are!"


"Maybe I just have a steadier hand than you?"

"Maybe you're using a forcefield?"


"It's just a game, B'Elanna.  A child's game.  I'm not going to cheat."


"I wouldn't put it past you..."




"Well, you're the one who set it up.  You were in charge of the placement of the wands."

"So what are you saying?  That I rigged it so I'd win?"

"Maybe... you're very competitive.  I know how you hate to lose."

"Give it a chance.  Just take your turn and we'll see who wins."



"There!  I knew you could--"

KLAK!  Klakta~klak~KLAK~Kla~Klak~Kler~ker-PLUNK!

"Rrrwaaaaoorrrr!  I QUIT!"

"Well, technically, you lost since all the marbles are in your tray--"


"Hey!  Watch where you're throwing those things!  You could poke someone's eye out with that!  ... Watch it!  You almost hit me with that tray!"

"I guess I just need a steadier hand."

"Not the tube!  You'll break it." 

"Let go!"

"No!  Give it back--ergh!  B'Elanna, you cracked it...  What?  B'Elanna?"

"I think I want to play another game, Tom."

"Well, okay, if you're careful.  But we'll have to pick up all the sticks first.  And I think some of the marbles rolled under the couch..."

"I was thinking of a different kind of spatial relationship this time."

"Oh, really?  You don't want to play ker-Plunk?"

"Uh-uh.  But there are a couple of spheres involved.  And a wand..."

"Oh, I do like the way you engineers think."

"Mmmm... it's my mathematical mind.  I can come up with any number of different examples that show the real trick to keeping the balls suspended is in the placement of the wand."

"And just where do you think the wand should go?"

"I could tell you, but a real scientist doesn't just talk about it, she proves her theory through experimentation."

"I've always been a fan of the scientific method."

"Oh?  And why is that?"

"Well, don't you have to perform the experiment over and over again, just to prove that your results aren't a fluke?"

"I think you're right!  I guess we'd better get to it..."


"Uuumph!  I think I found one of those marbles."

"Really?  I found a wand... a big one."

"Aahhh...  ergh!  Ow, if you want to stay down here, we'd better move that coffee table."

"We could move onto the coffee table..."

"We could move onto the bed.  It has a bigger surface area so there's more room for experimentation..."

"Oh, Tom.  You have the soul of an engineer."

"I hope so.  I sure do like having the body of an engineer..."

"Any engineer in particular?"

"You're going to make me say it?"

"I'd rather have you prove it..."

The End


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