Star Trek:Voyager Stories by Briar Rose
“Lateral Career Move”

Author: Briar Rose

Rating: [PG]

Summary: A double drabble – 200 words.  Ayala answers a nagging question.  Takes place after Friendship One.

Disclaimer: The strong silent one is not mine (wish that he was).  Neither is Voyager.  You know the drill by now...


Everyone's asking me why I made the switch: why I changed colours.  Truthfully, when you're 30,000 lightyears from home and your boss is a Vulcan there isn't that much room for advancement.

I heard that Jenny Delaney is dating Baytart.  Damn.  I really thought she liked me.  I've been practically dateless the last seven years, unless you count Joe.  God I miss him.  Our boys brought us together, and I guess the women on board think of us both as 'the old married guys'.  That must be it.  It's been nine years since Judy packed up the boys and told me to go to hell.  Happy anniversary.  I went to Bajor instead.

I used to have this crush on B'Elanna a long time ago.  When she first joined the Maquis.  Hell, who wouldn't?  Even seven months pregnant, she's still, well… I'm glad she and Tom found each other; he really is an okay guy.  And a good boss, surprisingly. 

Tom's going to be busy with the new baby soon, and he keeps spending more and more time in sickbay, so, well, the helm seemed like a good career move.  It's a proven fact: the pilots get all the pretty girls.

The end.

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